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Certified Functional Health Coach


Do you need to restore balance and improve the following:


Health Areas

  • Pre-Diabetes & Diabetes 2

  • Digestion

  • Detoxification

  • Hypothyroidism (low thyroid)

  • Hormone Balance

  • Fatigue


Emotional Wellness Areas

  • Stress Management and Reduction

  • Healing past emotional wounds (especially parent-related)

  • Anxiety 

  • Building confidence in order to step into Your God-Given call


All programs and services start with a complimentary 45-minute Consultation Call.  You'll share your most pressing need and I'll share what working together would look like.  I'll also help you choose which program or service is right for you.

Helping you break free from stress and anxiety to joy and peace.

Happy Woman

Calm, Confident, and Called
8-Week Mindset & Emotional Healing Program

You're ready to break free from stress and anxiety to show up as the woman God created you to be.

You've done so much healing work already.  Yet, you know there is something missing.

In this eight-week 1:1 coaching program, you'll learn proven techniques to re-train the way you think. You will have access to tools that will have you handle stressful situations and people with ease.

You'll be supported all along the way.

Smiling Mature Woman

The Health Detective Assessment

You KNOW Something Isn’t Right…But Your Doctor Either Can’t Find It, Or Says You’re Imagining It…
What If I Could Help You Discover What’s Going On In Your Body With One Simple Yet Powerful Tool?

The “Health Detective” Assessment:
A Comprehensive, Holistic, Diagnostic Tool To Investigate What’s Making You Unwell — And Personalized Suggestions on How To Fix It

Happy Young Woman

It all starts with a call.


If you're ready to get started, schedule your complimentary consultation below.

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