Are You Ready to Stress Less and Live More?

Are you ready to jumpstart your health?

Want to feel calm, confident and empowered to take your life back from stress and not having enough time?

You are in the right place if . . .

  • You know you need to do something about your health but are too busy.

  • You're not sure how to manage your time and prioritize what's important.

  • Finding time for work, family, personal life, your health, and all that you need to do- seems impossible.

What are the HIDDEN things

that stand in the way of YOU

having a less stressful BALANCED life?


Are you ...

  • Overwhelmed with all you have to do?

  • Busy, yet don't feel productive?

  • Consistently worrying about neglecting your spouse, children, career, and your life & health in the process of trying to do "all the things"?

  • Unsure of where to start?

What if there was a way to ...

  • Learn how to prioritize all you need to do

  • Discover what's truly important-> the non-negotiables versus what's expected of you.

  • Confidently and guilt-free find the work-life balance you've desperately want to achieve

Let me share with you a better way.

This program is for the person who wants help balancing their professional and personal life.


Together we’ll identify time wasters and map out innovative ways to thrive.


We’ll enhance your stress management skills so you can love the life you live.

Stress Less Balanced Life Program

Stress Less Balanced Life Program


You've come too far to quit now!

You don’t need to continue struggling.


It’s time to get the step-by-step guidance you deserve…to allow you to jumpstart your health and live with balance!


Together we will uncover the hidden challenges that are sabotaging your efforts for improving your health while pursuing your dreams.  We'll develop clear, simple, and effective techniques and strategies to get your through to the other side so that you CAN achieve your goals, dreams, and desires!


Working together we'll identify areas that are hindering the process of reaching your goals.

You will ...

  • Jumpstart your health and take small steps toward lasting results.

  • Prioritize "all the things" you need to do and identify the non-negotiables from all the rest.

  • Be calm and confident in setting boundaries that protect your non-negotiables and move you on to fulfill your health goals.

  • Get clear on how to take your life back from stress and not having enough time.

  • Learn how to schedule margin (cushion) within your day.


 Margin is the boundaries, the rest that is built into your everyday life. It is the space between our load and our limits. Margin is the gap between rest and exhaustion, the space between breathing freely and suffocating. It is the opposite of overload. - Alexa Schirm 


You will receive actionable steps to incorporate each week that will move you in the direction of feeling calm, confident, and in control of your professional and personal life.  

Weekly Support

  • Four Weekly 20-minute Private Coaching Sessions 

  • Weekly Pre-Session Questionnaire

  • Voxer (or What’s App) Coaching / Daily (Monday - Friday) check-ins

  • Email support (up to 3 emails per week)


Materials and Resources

  • The Stress Less SOS: Action Guide (simple and effective lessons to help manage stress and assist with time management and improving health).

  • Trello Accountability and Progress Tracking

  • Simple Time Management Lessons


  • Now only $75

  • (or 4 payments of 22.50)