How Would It Feel If You Could Start Recharging Your Energy, Relieving Anxiety, Managing Stress, And Improving Your Health In Just Four Short Weeks?

I’ve Been Where You Are…

Tired. Frazzled. Overwhelmed


  • You’re not sleeping at night.  (Or maybe you feel like sleeping all day.)

  • The thought of getting through the day without multiple cups of caffeine = nightmare.

  • The least little thing can set you off…

  • Anxiety flips on at all the wrong times.

I hear you…I see you…and I can relate.


Stress Less SOS Simple Start

A Four-Week, Coach-Guided Journey for Managing Stress, Relieving Anxiety, Regaining Energy, and Feeling Great Again

I’m Missy, and I help women like you every single day…

Women who are exhausted, overwhelmed, and stressed out to the point that all the zest and joy has gone out of their lives…


Women who are suffering with symptoms that no one seems to be able to explain (much less improve)…


Women who, despite feeling so overwhelmed and discouraged, are determined to get their health — and life — back.


And that’s why I created the “Stress Less SOS Simple Start Program”…

A Program Just For YOU

In this comprehensive, coach-guided program, you’ll get the tools to get back on track in the two areas that most affect our energy levels and overall health:


1. Stress & Anxiety

2. Nutrition

First, you’ll receive my Stress-Less SOS Action Guide.

The Stress Less SOS e-book is packed full of practical, powerful, easy-to-implement tools to handle stressful situations and people.  (Did you know stress is a major cause of anxiety and is a common energy drainer?)

You’ll get proven techniques to help you manage stress and get back to feeling hopeful and in control.

Second, you’ll receive my 14-Day Adrenal Support Plan.

The 14-day Adrenal Support self-guided plan includes:

  • Program Guide and Meal Planner

  • Delicious, healthy recipes

  • 2-week food journal

  • Grocery lists

  • Printable, visual portion size guide

  • “Clean Fifteen” and “Dirty Dozen” produce lists

  • Easy to use FREE app that has everything at your fingertips

We’ll look at foods you should be eating, as well as ones you should be eliminating (and how to do that).


(Don't worry, I won't take away all your favorite foods.  We will look at swapping out some health-harming foods for health-promoting ones.)


We'll cover meal planning and portion sizes. I’ll also give you some fantastic (easy and delicious!) recipes to get started with…

And, of course you'll have individual support from me


I've been where you are and took my health into my own hands.


Let me show you how.

What The Program Includes:

✔  Four Weekly 1:1 30-Minute Coaching Sessions — get individualized guidance, verbal action steps, and support from me personally, as we work together through your program


✔  The Stress-Less SOS Action Guide — The Action Guide contains 14 easy-to-implement, incredibly effective tools to handle stressful situations.

✔  The 14-Day Nutrition Reset Plan — includes Program Guide & Meal Planner, recipes, grocery list, printable visual portion size guide, Clean Fifteen, and Dirty Dozen Quick Produce lists


✔  Weekly Online Support — weekly Progress Questionnaire keeps you focused and motivated.  You'll be able to share your wins and challenges for the week and receive coaching, support, accountability, and encouragement


✔  WhatsApp — Weekly check-ins!


Investment: $97 Total or 4 weekly payments of $27.50

We'll start with a complimentary Health Strategy Session.

You'll share your most pressing health concerns.


I'll listen and map out what working together will be like.

Click below to make your appointment.

Are You Ready To STRESS LESS? And Live Your Best Life?

Click below to get started on your journey back to calm, healthy, and energized!

Missy Rankin, CTNC, CHS

Certified Transformation Coach

Stress Management Specialist

Thyroid & Hormone Specialist

Chattanooga, TN

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