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What’s the Best Eating plan?

The BEST eating plan is the one that works with your body and that you'll follow.

If you've tried a diet like Keto, Atkins (low carb), Paleo, and you just don't feel well or have no or low energy- then stop the madness- and try the simple suggestions below.

I encourage you to start with the basics found here and track how you feel. If you need help with this process, read (or skip) to the end.

A great place to begin your journey toward eating healthy foods is to cut out (or significantly reduce)

  • Highly processed foods (junk foods, packaged foods, and fast food)

  • Refined sugars (cakes, cookies, sodas)

  • Unhealthy fats (chips, fried foods)

  • Caffeine and alcohol

While there are many "diets" out there, I have found that a combination of several has helped me with my digestive issues from many years of untreated/undiagnosed low thyroid.

For this post, I'll share the basics of the Mediterranean Diet AND an ancient way for preparing grains, beans, and legumes that reduces bloating and gas.

Soaking grains, beans, and legumes also make them easier to digest and the nutrients more available to our bodies.

Mediterranean Diet 101

The Mediterranean Diet is centuries old and has numerous scientific studies supporting its health-promoting claims.

Health benefits of following the Mediterranean Diet include: losing weight, managing or reversing Diabetes 2, improving heart health, and reducing strokes.

Here in the States, we're used to meat or protein being the main dish.

Not so with the Mediterranean Diet. Vegetables are the main dish. Protein (or meat) is a side dish.

Mix the veggies with a bit of olive oil (or other healthy fat). Add in healthy flavor boosters like herbs, olives or nuts, and seeds, maybe a little cheese …

… some lean protein--

… add a small portion of soaked* whole-grain and TADA! You have a healthy meal.

Enjoy a serving of fruit as dessert. Or finish your meal with a baked squash (with cinnamon, honey or maple syrup, or even stevia).

Have treat foods like pies, cakes, etc., occasionally.

Check out this yummy vegetable main dish recipe.

And this delicious Peanut Butter Banana Greek Yogurt' dessert' recipe for after dinner. You can easily substitute almond butter for the peanut butter and a non-dairy yogurt (like So Delicious) for the Greek yogurt.


I can hear some grumbles here… not only about moving away from quick and convenient fast food but also because there's a myth about how expensive or time-consuming it is to cook at home.

Here are some helpful resources to address both of the push-backs above. For this post, I'll share the basics of the Mediterranean Diet AND an ancient way for preparing grains, beans, and legumes that reduces bloating and gas.

Soaking grains, beans, and legumes also make them easier to digest and the nutrients more available to our bodies.

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If you’re the one who doesn’t have time to cook (or maybe you're both) (here’s a blogger all about 30-minute meals.) AND don't forget to look on Pinterest!!

Back to today’s topic: The basics of eating healthy using the Mediterranean Diet.

Simple Food List for the Mediterranean Diet

Foundational Foods

Vegetables and fruits. All kinds. Fresh or frozen. Steamed, sautéed, roasted (not fried).

Fruit in its natural state as much as possible or baked, stewed, you get the idea. Not fried nor swimming in sugar.

Pro tip:

Avoid fruit in a can with lots of syrup.

Avoid fried foods (except in an air fryer).


The Mediterranean Diet’s main sources of protein are from plants and seafood. Focus on soaked* legumes, beans, peas. Add in wild-caught seafood like salmon and if you eat meat choose pastured and humanely raised meats (no hormones & no antibiotics too).

Whole Grains

Whole grains are very much a part of the Mediterranean Diet or any healthy diet in small portions, and if you aren’t allergic. If you are wanting to lose weight, try ¼ cup serving size instead of ½ or more. And maybe only 1-2 servings a day, depending on how much weight you want to lose.

Low-carb Keto-type diets do not work well for me—my energy levels crash. I do much better with fruits and small amounts of gluten-free whole grains every day.

*Soaked Grains, Legumes, and Beans

In my research and study, I’ve come across an ancient way of preparing plant foods that may be hard to digest or cause tummy troubles.

I believe that soaked* beans, legumes, and grains according to these ancient traditions are the healthiest way to eat these hard to digest foods.

Soaked grains and legumes are the way our ancestors prepared these foods to make them easier to digest and thus the nutrients more bioavailable.

Soak your grains and beans. Your tummy will thank you!

Here's why. Plants have defense mechanisms. Think about it. Birds and animals eat seeds all the time and poop them out and what happens? The seed grows.

Seeds (grains, legumes, and beans) have protective ways to pass through a digestive system- intact. Those defense mechanisms can sometimes cause tummy troubles for the eater.

So here’s what to do instead.

Quick and Easy Soaking Guide

For soaked grains: Add grains (oats, rice, etc.) to a glass bowl. Cover with warm filtered water and add either lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. Soak overnight or at least 7 hours. Rinse well and cook. Note: Cooking times may be shorter than package directions.

A general rule to follow is 1 tablespoon of an acid medium to 1 cup of water.

For soaked beans:

  1. Add beans to a glass bowl and cover with very warm filtered water.

  2. Add a pinch of baking soda or an acid like lemon juice or apple cider vinegar and soak overnight.

  3. Rinse well and cook according to your recipe.

Kidney beans need to be cooked for at least an hour. Other beans should be fine cooking for 20-30 minutes.

If you use canned beans, look for BPA-free cans or packs. Rinse the beans before soaking and again after soaking before using or cooking.

Something else that helps with digestion (bloating, gas, etc.) is digestive enzymes.

Stress can be hard on our digestion system. In fact, in times of stress, the digestion process is slowed to send more blood to our muscles for the 'fight or flight' response. Here are my favorite supplements that help with digestion. Also, as we get older, we produce fewer enzymes that aid in digesting our food.

Digestive enzymes help our bodies break down the foods we eat so our bodies can use the nutrients. They may also offer relief from bloating, gas, and indigestion.

Here is my favorite digestion support and one I take too.

Let’s Review

A simple way to eat healthily is a combination of the Mediterranean Diet and soaking grains, legumes, and beans.

Vegetables should be the main dish, protein as a side dish. Add in a little healthy fat and some soaked* whole grains. Enjoy a piece of fruit for dessert.

Carpe Diem (make the most of the present time)

Here is a simple step you can do -- right now.

Grab the FREE resource --> Meal Planning Made Easy or by clicking the picture below.

It's a quick read, and with the help of Pinterest or your favorite recipe app, like, you'll KNOW what's for dinner-- plus have the ingredients on hand and be ready to go!

Here’s to your health!

🦋 Missy

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