A Supportive Collaboration…

In this restorative, 1:1 health coaching program, we’ll partner together to co-create a holistic plan to get you on the path to renewed energy, feeling peaceful and improved health.


We’ll examine what’s holding you back from vibrant health, and we’ll begin addressing the most pressing issues to begin restoring your vitality…

Personalized. Restorative. Hopeful.

  • Get gentle guidance for understanding the patterns and habits that are sabotaging your well-being

  • Learn new health-promoting skills, habits, and attitudes to nurture renewed health

  • Lay the foundation for a stronger body, mind, and soul

  • Begin to feel comfortable in your body as you regain energy, focus, and proper nourishment (for your mind, body, and soul)

  • Navigate your self-care with support and confidence as I guide you along the way…

Convenient. Gentle. Nurturing.

Tuck yourself in for a cozy chat with a cup of coffee or tea… The foundation of our work together will be six (6) weekly 1:1 coaching calls.


Mid-week email check-ins will keep you feeling supported and on-track, and you’ll have customized “action steps” to work on in between calls.


I’ll be with you the entire way, nurturing and supporting you as you begin the journey BACK to your old self — the one who lives with ZEST and joy.

Baby Steps With BIG Results.

As you start on the journey to health, the last thing you need is radical change… 


We’ll partner together to work on small steps that will create the most lasting change. You’ll be surprised at how much better you can feel with just a few small adjustments…


All you have to do is be willing and committed. I’ll be there to partner with you, empower you, and give you clear, actionable steps and CHOICES for how you want to rejuvenate your health.

What If You FINALLY ...

Had The Energy To Once Again Do The Things You Love

Felt Calm, Confident, & Empowered


Loved the Life You Live?

Introducing the

Mind, Body, Soul Restoration 6-Week Program:

6-Weeks To Get Up Off The Couch And Get Back Into Life

Healthy at any age

This Program is for you if…

  • You know you need to make changes you're not not sure where to start or

  • You think you know what to do but you lack the motivation and discipline to follow through

  • Are stressed and don't know what to do to "manage" it

  • Suffer from anxiety

  • Have sleep issues, digestive problems, or low energy

  • Want clear actions steps for restoring your health

  • Need support, guidance, and accountability

  • You want a faith-based approach for health and wellness

Let’s Get Started!

First, we'll have the FREE Healthy Strategy 30-Minute Session.  You'll share your most pressing health concerns and your goals (wants, dreams, desires).

I'll listen and share what working together would look like.

From there we will meet weekly co-creating your personalized action plan. 

Click the button below to book your appointment today.

What The Program Includes:


✔ The Healthy Detective Health Assessment- a comprehensive tool for finding areas of your health that are out of balance and simple suggestions for restoring balance.

✔ 6 private, 1:1 45-minute coaching sessions with me — get individualized guidance and support from me personally, as we work together through your program

✔ Personalized Action Steps during each call — continue your progress between sessions with simple, step-by-step action plans to keep you progressing each week

✔ Midweek Progress Report — I’ll check in with you between coaching calls so you can tell me how you’re doing with your Action Steps and where you need support

✔ The Stress-Less SOS Action Guide — an e-book with 14 easy-to-implement, incredibly effective tools to handle stressful situations

✔ The Stress-Less SOS e-Course — an online course with proven advanced techniques to help you not only manage chronic or on-going stress but also contains lessons on how to heal emotional pain, break soul ties, and manage anxiety.

✔ The Adrenal Support Plan — includes the Program Guide & Meal planner, recipes, food-mood journal, grocery list, printable visual portion size guide, Clean Fifteen & Dirty Dozen Quick Produce lists

✔ Supplement suggestions based on Health Detective Assesment.

✔ 10% of professional grade supplements from Fullscript.com

We'll start with a complimentary Health Strategy Session.

You'll share your most pressing health concerns.

I'll listen and map out what working together will be like.

Click below to make your appointment.

Investment: $275 or 6 weekly payments of $50

Missy Rankin, CTNC, CHS

Certified Transformation Coach

Stress Management Specialist

Thyroid & Hormone Specialist


Chattanooga, TN

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