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Calm, Confident, & Called

8-Week Coaching Program

I believe God has a purpose for you.


However, you may be stressed out and anxious.  Battle-weary from life’s setbacks. The proverbial rug has been pulled one too many times.  You were left stressed, tired of trying, frustrated with no joy and peace. Not enjoying life and not walking in your God-given call.  Maybe even lost all hope.


I believe God sent you my way to help you find freedom- peace, joy, and determination.


To get your fight back so you can give Him your ashes, and He'll give you a crown of beauty- redeeming what was lost. Called according to His purpose.

Your calling might be a wife, mother, teacher, manager, administrative assistant, career woman, and so on.

Jesus said in John 10:10 that he came that we may have peace, joy, full, and abundant life.


So, how come you aren't experiencing that peace, joy, and abundant life?


Because stress, disappointments, setbacks, and more have left you frustrated, wounded, and not knowing what to do.

Most likely, you've experienced something painful that wasn't fully processed, or you're still carrying pockets of pain from it.

Unknowingly carrying past hurts will keep you stuck and from pursuing the purpose God has for you.


Keep you from experiencing peace and joy in your daily life.

From feeling calm, confident, and empowered -enjoying life- while you seek and fulfill God's call for your life.


That’s why I created this program.  


I know what it is like to struggle with emotional baggage- like frustration, fear, doubts, stress, and unable to let go of hurts and wounds- sound familiar?


Baggage that keeps us stuck and not enjoying the life we live.

So, I put together the most helpful tools and techniques that I use for myself and with my clients and created this new program.

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What Others Are Saying ...


“I feel calm, confident, and empowered to live my life.”- Jessica

“[Missy] has shown me areas that I didn’t realize were stopping my progress.  I know how to handle what bothers me differently now.”- Cindy

“After working with Missy, I feel so much lighter now.  Like I really can have peace and be content where I am right now.” - Belinda


In the Calm, Confident, and Called program you will 

  • Learn the faith-based and psychology-backed exact tools and techniques I use to overcome feelings of frustration, stress, anxiety, and more.  Same ones I use with my clients to get powerful results.

  • Replace old unhealthy ways of dealing with stressful situations with not only new healthy-promoting ways but also peace, calmness, and joy-promoting too.

  • Practically process your emotions in God's presence (without reliving the drama and trauma


Here’s the hard truth.  I’m guessing you already know this.

If you want different results, you need to do something different.

Make the powerful decision to get different results now.


Book your complimentary Discovery Call now to get started.  

What's Included

  • Eight weekly training videos and worksheets (with review and feedback)

  • Eight weekly 1:1 60-minute private coaching sessions & Pre-Session Reflections

  • WhatsApp Q&As

  • Verbal actions steps

  • Mid-week check-ins


All of this for only $457, paid in full.  

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Book your complimentary 45-minute consultation by clicking on the button below.

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