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You KNOW Something Isn’t Right…But Your Doctor Either Can’t Find It, Or Thinks You’re Imagining It…


What If I Could Help You Discover What’s Going On In Your Body With One Simple Yet Powerful Tool?



The “Health Detective” Assessment:

A Comprehensive, Holistic, Tool To Investigate What’s Making You Unwell — And How To Fix It 

Do Any Of These Describe You?

  • Feel over-worked & under-rested

  • Experience occasional worry, anxiety, or sadness

  • Struggle with sleep issues, digestive problems, or frequent low energy

  • You have blood sugar imbalances, pre-Diabetes, or Type 2 Diabetes

  • You have hormone imbalances (PMS, PCOS, high estrogen, high or low thyroid)


However, you really want ...

  • Your life back - being able to do all the things you want and need to do.

  • Energy that carries you through the day.

  • A clear plan of action that helps you feel better.

I hear you…


You know something isn’t right. 


You’re tired. Bone tired. And you just don’t have the energy to do anything these days.


Maybe you’ve gained weight — despite trying to diet. 


You’ve been to the doctor — even had lab tests. 


Everything “seems” normal.  


But you know better.  You’re just not YOU.


And you want to have energy, feel peaceful, and get back to enjoying your life again.

That’s where I come in…

I’m Missy, and I help women like you every single day…


Women who are stressed out and feel unwell to the point that all the zest and joy has gone out of their lives…


Women who are struggling with weight, and suffering from symptoms that no one seems to be able to explain (much less ease and bring relief)…


Women who, despite feeling so overwhelmed and discouraged, are determined to get their health — and life — back.


In this comprehensive and holistic tool, together we'll look for the root of what’s going on.


Through this Health Detective assessment, I’ll be able to look at all aspects of your life and health — physical, mental, spiritual, and nutritional — and uncover areas that are “out of balance” and need attention.


I’ll also take a look at any recent lab tests you’ve had or suggest important ones so that I can get an even fuller picture of your state of health.


Then, I’ll present you with a customized report (based on the results of my findings) that will include suggested food and lifestyle changes to address your specific, individual needs.


I’ll also give you suggested labs to request and questions for your doctor so you can follow up with her and get back on the path to good health.

Mystery Symptoms Deserve A Health Detective

Benefits of The Health Detective Assessment:

✔ The “Health Detective” Assessment — a comprehensive tool to investigate what’s making you unwell (and how to fix it)

✔ Investation using Functional Medicine principles and optimal ranges

✔ Have a deeper understanding of what's making you unwell

✔ A clear plan of action for you to follow so you can start improving your health 

✔ Empathy and being heard.  

What The Assessment Includes:

✔ 45-Minute Investigation Coaching Call

✔ An In-depth Clinical Assessment based on your symptoms

✔ Review of comprehensive thyroid and hormone blood work panel (6 months old or less)

✔ Personalized Results Report along with suggested food, lifestyle changes, and more to address your specific needs (based on the results of your assessment) and a Wellness Plan of Action

✔ 90-Minute Coaching Call to review the findings of the assessment and to go over the results.

✔ 4-week Healthy Eating Plan with a meal plan, recipes, and more


Investment: $297

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Book your complimentary 45-minute consultation by clicking on the button below.

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