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Fields of Marigolds

Break Free from Stress & Anxiety to Live Peaceful on Purpose

I wonder how Cinderella felt when she heard the news about the ball?  I'm sure at first she was excited. But did her excitement turn to fear, worry, and doubt?  


What if the Little Cinder Girl had let the wounds from her past and the stress and struggle of everyday life keep her from going to the ball? 


She would have missed her destiny. 


I believe God has a purpose for you. However, you may be battle-weary from life’s setbacks. The proverbial rug has been pulled one too many times.  Left you stressed, tired of trying, with no joy and peace- not enjoying life.


I believe God sent you my way to help you find emotional freedom, peace, joy, and determination.


To get your fight back so you can give Him your ashes, and He'll give you a crown of beauty- redeeming what was lost—called according to His purpose.


Join our group. I help Christian women break free from stress and anxiety to feel peace and joy in their everyday lives. 


You'll be supported and encouraged with weekly live teachings, daily encouraging posts, giveaways, and monthly Zoom workshops and coaching calls.

You’ve been struggling with nagging health issues and you know it's time to do something about it.


It could be things low energy, feeling stressed most of the time, hormone issues, or high blood sugar to name a few.


Even though you know now is the time to do something about your health, you're not sure where to begin.  


Don't worry I do. Improving health and becoming a healthier you starts with healthy habits. 


So, if you want to learn or relearn what you can do to become a healthier version of yourself, this is the group for you.

Enter your email below to join.  Or click visit the Healthier You: Start Here private and Empowering Facebook group.

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