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Only $16

Calm, Confident, and Empowered Woman

Voxer Coaching Program


This faith-based 4-week coaching program will support you in taking back your mind from anxiety so you can feel calm, confident, and empowered.


We will explore what anxiety triggers are…

… and how to can calm your mind, emotions, and spirit.


Gain a better understanding of your anxiety triggers.  Learn simple and effective ways to move from an anxious state to one of feeling more calm and better in control of your health and life.

Embrace the feeling of being empowered to live your best life.


Where Does Anxiety Come From?

Confidence in the Right Source

The M.O.V.I.E. in Our Mind Plays a Big Role in Our Anxiety

Perception Shift

Bonus: Health-Related Anxiety Triggers, Causes, Treatments (not what you think) and More


Only $77  


  • Weekly Voxer Coaching Support 

  • Four Weekly Lessons & Worksheets Emailed Straight to You (plus review of your comments)

  • Support in private Facebook Group-weekly Q & A, weekly mini-coaching

Calm, Confident, and Empowered Voxer-Coaching Program