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What is 31-Days of Accountability in August?


I’m supporting you to meet your most pressing goal.


It could be to drink more water, exercise more, reduce caffeine, reduce eating out, cut the worry habit, practice gratitude, or something else. 

I'll be providing the "how-to" and accountability. You pick what matters most to you.

After speaking with numerous clients and members of my private Stress Less SOS Facebook group, I realized the importance of hosting 31-Days of Accountability.


Many of us struggle with getting in our own way of meeting our goals.  We sabotage our efforts at improving, changing, creating new habits.


Psychology Today explains it this way, "behavior is said to be self-sabotaging when it creates problems in daily life and interferes with long-standing goals. 


Sound familiar?


Self-sabotage is usually from a lifetime of failure and/or frustration.  It can be from past trauma, verbal abuse, neglect, toxic parents, or other reasons.


I used to sabotage my efforts at things I really wanted to do.  It took a while to overcome that pattern of behavior but I did it.


What is “it” that stops you (day after day) from moving forward? Meeting your goal?  Living your best life? 

Isn’t it time to remove “It” and get on with your life?

I thought so too. Come on and join us by clicking on the button below AND be sure to get your calendar too.  Sign up below.