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Did you know, that fatigue, anxiety, worry, digestion problems, and other symptoms that aren't improving can all be related?

Also, many of these symptoms can be tied to unresolved emotional issues like an inner drive to prove your worth and value. Or be the peacekeeper. Or not asking for what you need. And many other examples.

As a Functional Health & Wellness Coach, I guide Christian women in regaining their health by blending God's principles and proven techniques backed by science and psychology, so they have more energy, less stress, and enjoy life again.

I provide a clear plan of action that includes food plans, targeted supplement suggestions, lifestyle changes, and more to get you feeling healthier.

If you are ready to get started, check out the work with me page or make an appointment for a 30-minute discovery call.

Client Testimonials


Liz F.

"Missy is everything I wanted in a health coach.  She's far more knowledgeable than the average health coach and she provides a comprehensive, well-rounded program that includes areas that I wasn't addressing.


Emily K.

"Missy has been such a joy to work with.... every interaction we had I felt restored and ready to conquer my goals.   Not only does she help in practical ways, but she helps you deal with any emotional stressors."

Cute Notebooks

Vicki R.

"Working with Missy was very eye-opening to me.  I now see the areas I need to work on.  It uncovered glaring issues I would have never pinpointed."

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Peaceful on Purpose: Relieve Stress, Renew Hope, Restore Peace

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Introducing the
Calm, Confident, and Called
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Your calling might be a wife, mother, career woman, caregiver, ...


But has emotional baggage like fear, worry, doubt, anxiety,

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